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A Counseling Couples Retreat for All Couples

When you think of a counseling couples retreat, what comes to mind? A couples retreat that also works with your world view might be a different experience than you expect. At Vacation Counseling Intimate Couples' Retreat, we offer therapy to fit your needs and beliefs. Since we are spiritual beings,  you may not realize it, but wanting a better relationship is a spiritual desire. And while we don't impose our faith on your spirituality, we work to strengthen it individually and as a couple.

Indeed, your faith can be a valuable resource at times when you have difficulties as a couple. While the solutions may differ, our struggles as humans are common. Each of our therapists understands that a faith-based counseling couples retreat may hold different paths for each person. To that end, you'll take an assessment and have have a consultation before your schedule your couples retreat to determine the best counselor, therapies, and more for your stay.


At Vacation Counseling Intimate Couples' Retreat, you'll find a group of counselors that offer a wide variety of options. From sex and intimacy therapy to men's, women's, or individual therapy, and LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy, as well. A Christian couple's counseling retreat is for all couples. We focus on helping each person with affirmation and respect. Regardless of identity, we all must deal with distressing internal and external issues that impact our relationship.


Additionally, Vacation Counseling offers follow-up counseling to ensure you maintain the momentum that you built up while having a wonderful vacation with your significant other. We're all guilty of falling back into old patterns and habits if we don't work to maintain the progress we've made. The great thing is that after your couples retreat, you'll also be able to talk to a therapist for counseling and support online via email or video chat, or over the phone.

All this and a vacation in sunny Florida too. Contact us to talk about your Christian counseling couples retreat today.

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