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Our Team


Dr. April Brown

Relationship and Sex Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Christian Counselor in FL, NJ, NY, WI and Doctor of Intimacy


Dr. David Hall

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Christian Transformational Prayer Counselor


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Dr. Jason-Anthony Prendergast

Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology and Registered Mental Health Intern

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Ria Ruane

Licensed Mental Health Counselor -MH21485


Peter Covert

Provisional Mental Health Counselor, Psychodramatic and Addiction Therapist

Meet The Counselors



Dr. April Brown is a Relationship and Sex Therapist.  She is a Licensed Mental Health Christian Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist,  Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider, and a Qualified Clinical Supervisor. She has been in the counseling field since 1997 and she has two thriving private practices in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida where she specializes in relationships, intimacy, sex therapy, the LGBTQIA+ community, and spiritual counseling. Dr. April holds a Masters and a Specialist degree in Counseling and Human Systems and a Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology.  She has been trained in Gottman's Method of Couples Therapy, Solution- Focused Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Dr. April’s mission is to increase intimacy for all. She has a show/ podcast called started  “Bringing Intimacy Back” where she and other intimacy experts provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships.

Dr April Anchor

Dr. Dave is a mental health and couples therapist.  He has experience in medicine, faith and addiction counseling. He went on to practice and teach emergency medicine until heart problems prompted him to retire early. Now he returns to his first love, counseling. He seeks to help people as their souls heal from life circumstances and from painful emotions.  Dr. Dave has studied the art and science of the human heart, not the muscle that pumps blood, but the mind and soul that struggle with life. He helps people to make sense of challenges, discover meaning, and find peace within. He combines cognitive-behavioral and analytic techniques, using evidence-based methods from the two great traditions of psychology. Dr. Hall integrates faith as an important component of care. He has been trained as an Emotionally-Focused Family Therapist.   

Dr David Anchor

Chemenda Sawyer believes that there are multiple dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, spiritual, social and intellectual. She integrates the dimensions of wellness to facilitate healing. She believes all human beings have within them the ability to heal and they must feed that. She does not promise overnight change, but she does promise to equip her clients with the tools to transform. Chemenda’s approach is cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused. She is committed to building a positive therapeutic relationship that facilitates insight, personal growth and development. She explores patterns and works with the client to find potential solutions. She is a guide during implementation and empowers the client as they reach their goals. She provides support and guidance to clients without judgement. She is committed to providing a safe space that facilitates growth and development. She empowers her clients to change and confront their negative self talk and self doubt. Let her help you take back control of your life.

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Dr. Jason Anchor

Dr. Jason has extensive experience with those seeking help with depression, trauma, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress management, low self-esteem, life transitions, and relationship issues. Dr. Jason will work to tailor your therapy based on your situation. His goal is to help you feel understood, bring balance and harmony to mind, body, and spirit and focus on a strengths-based approach to working with clients and their perceptions. In sessions, the presenting problems will be attended in such a way as to clarify the issue, explore identified patterns, determine potential solutions, and mean to implement resolutions or goals. Dr. Jason utilizes methods where the client might demonstrate their understanding, enact what took place, gain insight into how the situation may have had a better outcome, and role-play or "role train" the client's new and creative approach. Dr. Jason has extensive experience as a marriage and relationship counselor. Dr. Jason was also one of the therapists to appear on My 90 Day Fiancé, The Last Resort airing on TLC.

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Ria Ruane is a mental health and couples therapist. She is a Professional Counselor who has a genuine passion for helping others. She has over 4000 hours of counseling individuals and groups. She is trained and experienced in relationships, addictions, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, parenting, ADHD, educational motivation, caregiving, trauma, and eldercare. She combines Solution-Focused, Choice, and Strength-Centered Therapy to help clients navigate and overcome difficulties in a safe & confidential space. As a warm & empathetic counselor, Ria delights in helping clients live with purpose, passion & meaning. She has earned  Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2020), Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (1998), and Bachelor in Elementary Education (1998). Ria Ruane provides professional mental health and relationship counseling services for in person distance counseling.

Ria Ruane Anchor

Peter Covert is a mental health and couples therapist. He specializes in helping couples and individuals with anxiety and depression, substance abuse, aging issues, grief and loss, trauma, adjustment frustrations, emotional vulnerabilities, spiritual health issues, and self, and marital relationship issues, He earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science from National Lewis University, Chicago Illinois (1994), a Master's degree from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale Florida (1997). Peter Covert provides professional mental health and relationship counseling services in person distance counseling.

Peter Covert Anchor

Johana Calvo is a Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s level student intern as well as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA). Her goal is to help couples, families and individuals navigate presenting relational difficulties such as depression, anxiety, trauma, communication and intimacy to reach their therapeutic goals by collaboratively building up on strengths and setting achievable goals through understanding, compassion utilizing evidence-based practices. Johana's dream is to merge the two fields of ABA and MFT to provide a complete well-rounded treatment.

Johana Calvo Anchor
Jose Pantoja Anchor

Jose Pantoja’s experience is very diverse and vast. Jose began to work as an Outpatient
Therapist with multicultural issues and immigration. Jose was part of a clinic where he
could work with Elders, Couples, and Young adults. Pantoja uses Solution Focused and Narrative Therapy to motivate clients to enjoy little changes and develop new ways to perceive their actual situations. 
Jose Pantoja likes to combine Emotion-Focused Therapy, Imago and Solution Focused Therapy. Jose's favorite is Emotion-Focused and Imago Therapy approach. Jose is currently expanding and adding the Gottman Method under his belt. 

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Megan McKeon is a master’s level Clinical Mental Health Counseling student. Her goal as a counselor is to cultivate a safe and creative environment during counseling sessions to support your journey of self-discovery and healing. Everyone has hard times, some that are unexpected. When that happens, caring and support are needed, someone to hold a non-judgmental space.
Some of the therapies Megan utilizes are person-centered, cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and mindfulness-based. Together, we explore your unique aspects of self, discover innate strengths, and customize a therapy path that fits in with your goals. Megan's personal philosophy is that counseling includes the whole person: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Feeling seen, understood, and accepted is the first step towards inspiring growth.

Megan McKeon Anchor
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