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Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

Having and recalling vivid dreams is both a blessing and a curse. The brain’s most uninhibited creativity takes place during sleep, which can lead to wild inspiration and motivation. On the other hand, the brain is complicated and processes experiences in the waking world during sleep. Processing negative emotions and experiences can cause dreams to take a dark turn into nightmares.

The brain makes use of patterns and symbols, even to the point of seeing them when they’re not really there. This occurs as we sleep as well. When a close association is made to an action/item/place and an emotion, the brain begins to process experiences through these symbols in dreams. There are quite a few symbols that occur in dreams that are experienced by many people. Here are some of the most common ones:


Dreams where you are spitting your teeth out into your hand often represent loss or change. This could mean a loss of a person, a thing, or a career change.


If you dream of flying by your own power or volition (meaning not by airplane), it is often associated with positive emotions and happiness.


Dreaming of being somewhere and not having any pants symbolizes the feeling of betrayal in your waking life.


This one hits close to home for me. I often have dreams that I forgot I had registered in a college class and subsequently failed, forcing me to take remedial classes in my high school. This dream usually means that you’re feeling unprepared in the real world, anxious over missing something that you may have missed.

Have you ever had these common symbols pop up in your dreams? Are recurring dreams an issue for you? It’s helpful to write down and dissect the dreams you are able to remember in a journal and reflect on what your dreams may mean. I recommend purchasing the Intimacy Journal to help you process your dreams and waking experiences! The Intimacy Journal is available at

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