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Trauma-Focused Therapy in a Vacation Setting

Trauma causes issues in relationships. It's no one's fault. However, you need to address this problem not only for yourself but so you can have a healthy interaction with others and a loving relationship. Couples therapy is one way to help, although trauma-focused therapy should also include individual counseling for both partners.


At Vacation Counseling Intimate Couples Retreat, we provide a well-rounded package of therapies both for individuals and couples therapy. You'll work with a seasoned therapist who will help address the specific mental health needs and emotions of individuals who struggle to overcome the trauma that's affecting their lives.


Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy offers help for post-traumatic stress and mood disorders that result from abuse, violence, and even grief. Additionally, couples can meet with a therapist individually to talk out any issues that they're not yet comfortable sharing with their partners. You'll also have access to all of the things that Florida is known for—such as sunbathing and boating. Additionally, we provide Creative Arts Therapy, with integrated approaches that combine well known psychological and artistic theories and applications with the creative process. Creative Arts Therapy is an excellent way to work through trauma in a safe environment.

It's a lovely option to be able to start this journey in a gorgeous setting with the one you love. At Vacation Counseling Intimate Couples Retreat, we're deeply committed to your success as a couple. If you have trauma causing issues in your relationship, we can help. If you would like more information about our exclusive trauma-focused therapy and Florida couples retreat, get in touch with Vacation Counseling today.

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