About Vacation Counseling


At Vacation counseling, we offer many different options to fit your needs, one couple at a time. We can provide you with in-person counseling, located in beautiful Cape Coral Florida. Another option is Virtual couples therapy which ranges from 6-20 hours of intensive therapy. Both options are an inmate and customized to target your particular situation at hand within your relationship.

At our couples retreat for in-person sessions, expect to be pampered with compassion by our team of experienced relationship therapists, who will be working with only you and your partner.  No other couples will be involved.  In fact, as a couple, you will have a relationship therapist, a sex therapist, and two individual therapists, and we will work with you on your unique situation. The therapists will utilize a variety of methods to benefit the relationship.  Furthermore, you will receive hands-on relationship insight, skills, and numerous opportunities to practice competencies with the help of experts in private in a relaxing environment.

To make sure that we can provide the service you need, as a couple, you will go through a thorough assessment to make sure we are a good fit for you.  In fact, our dedicated team of experienced therapists at Vacation Counseling stand ready to help you feel refresh and revitalize in your relationships.



Vacation Counseling utilizes one of the most widely used personality assessments for individual and marital counseling. The Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) will be used to measure 18 dimensions of personality that relate to individual adjustment and interpersonal relationships. You will be able to view the graphic illustrations that depict how you view yourself and others within a relationship. Fundamentally, the assessment will be utilized in the therapies to help improve your relationship skills as you better understand yourself and your partner while addressing current issues and preventing future conflict. 
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Goals and Principals of the Gottman Method


Vacation Counseling utilizes Gottman's Sound Relationship House.  The goals of Gottman's Method Couples Therapy are to build love maps, create shared meanings, and increase empathy, respect, trust, and commitment, affection, and intimacy.  Couples will learn how to disarm conflicting verbal communication, manage conflict, remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy in conflicting situations, and turn toward each other to make their life dreams come true.



Couples Therapy

Are you struggling in your relationship maybe because of lack of communication, trust, intimacy, finances, respect, security, and etc… If so, have you all thought about couples therapy? Couples therapy works on breaking down the walls between a couple to help them regain or gain for the first time the strong bond/intimate connection in a neutral environment. A bond that will allow each individual to feel respected, secured, and loved.

Sex & Intimacy Therapy

At vacation counseling, our mission is to help you and partner connect. Intimacy is about creating a strong connection and bond.  Many times intimacy starts off strong, however as life gets busy and a variety of stressors are put in the midst of our lives, you and your partner maybe experiencing a feeling of disconnect. We will explore each person’s desire and fantasies and help each of you meet the needs of your partner through a variety of personalized and effective techniques. Please note there is never any nudity in session. We will provide you with plenty of private time and space to work on intimacy exercises while you are staying in one of our luxury villas.


Individual Therapy

Our focus is on the couple. Yet we recognize the need for individual therapy. Each day will contain sessions for two of you together and other individual sessions. Separate sessions are designed with more specificity to meet individual needs. Some issues that present blocks to a resolution of conflicts, or triggers that create strong emotional reactions. Progress for couples depends on personal growth for each partner. Each partner enters the relationship with their own issues, issues that developed before they met. Working these out by yourself, with a therapist, will make life much easier for you and for your spouse. It is often better to work through things privately, in order to bring back better solutions for the couple.

Men's Therapy

Men and women may have different priorities, different ways of expressing themselves, and different reactions to events. There are stereotypes of the aggressive man, the unfeeling man, the business-minded man. There is a stereotype of the marriage disrupted by a man’s infidelity. But the nature of stereotypes is that they are often wrong in a specific case. The actual events and characteristics can be quite different, or reversed from the stereotype. Whether you fit the stereotype, or you are quite different – we are here for you. Realize that you are a physical, emotional, social, and spiritual being. You are gifted with intelligence, commitment, and a deep desire for the best outcome for your family. Without this good character, you would not have read this far. We recognize your serious intent, and we will employ this quality to bring the best results possible.


Women's Therapy

Many women today struggle with balancing significant others, kids, family, friends, work, and self care.  For some women, self care doesn’t even exist because traditionally we have been taught to take care of everyone else's needs and leave ourselves for last.  In fact for some women, they always say yes to every request for their time; thus leaving them feeling empty, with no time and energy for self care or to play.  In women’s therapy, we will focus on empowerment in all aspects of your life, including your intimate life.  We will help you learn how to create balance, be fully present and enjoy your responsibilities, have time to play and be intimate with your loved ones, and have precious time to take care and pamper yourself. We will empower you to live the life you want.

Spiritual Therapy

We are spiritual beings. Our relationships are spiritual. Your wish for a better relationship is a spiritual desire. So it makes sense to integrate spirituality into therapy. If you are interested, we can employ faith and spirituality in your care. We will not impose our faith or spirituality. We will be careful to work according to your spiritual sensitivities. If you wish, we will use your sense of spirituality and faith as a resource and strength in your growth process. Faith and spirituality are incredibly important. They are powerful resources for your healing, and for your relationships. Each specialist has a personal spiritual journey. Our solutions may differ, but our struggles are common. These struggles have honed our skills. We will use these skills to bring healing and growth.


LGBQT Affirmative Therapy

We understand that sexual orientation and gender identity is not just a behavior or a sex act. We focus on helping each person in the relationship to be the best person they want to be. Thus we affirm and respect each person’s and each couple’s identity and we will work with each individual and couple to address the distressing internal and external issues that impact the relationship.

Trauma Focused Therapy

A seasoned therapist will addresses the specific emotional and mental health needs of individuals struggling to overcome the destructive effects of trauma. Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) is especially sensitive to the unique problems of post-traumatic stress and mood disorders resulting from abuse, violence, or grief.  Our therapists utilize a caring environment and gentle approach to attain real and lasting impact during recovery from trauma.

Additional Therapies 


Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy, also referred to as Expressive Arts Therapy is a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. They are known in their individual forms, too. Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Dance, Movement Therapy, Drama Therapy, Poetry Therapy, and the process of using more than one of these approaches interchangeably is known as Intermodal Expressive Therapy. These integrated approaches combine well known psychological & artistic theories and applications with the creative process to produce experiential focused interventions. Most of us learn and remember best through our own experiences, which is one of the many reasons why this approach is helpful. The interventions may be used with individuals, families, or groups to aide in the development of awareness, insight, and understanding of one's lived experience. They may also be used to develop healthy adaptive coping skills for managing stressors. The way in which we individually best express our creativity is as unique to us as our DNA; therefore, no person is “not creative”. That is just an excuse our brain tells us because we feel uncomfortable or lacking in confidence (more on that below). Using the creative process in therapy is not about rendering images to look like life, or writing a poem or piece of prose with impeccable grammar, or playing a beat on the drum in time anyway, rather it is about the process of doing and unpacking what that doing evokes within the creator. We take time to examine and discuss the process of the experience and the meaning that expression holds for the creator.


Virtual Couples Therapy & Aftercare

 Not only do we now offer Virtual couples therapy, but Vacation Counseling also provides aftercare counseling to assist clients in maintaining the momentum from their time with us in person. In order to prevent slipping into old behavior patterns, virtual aftercare sessions are offered. A therapist will be available to provide psychological counseling and support virtually. This aftercare treatment plan is developed to offer a high level of support and services and dramatically improve your chances of successful long-term recovery.