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Intimacy Therapy in an Intimate Couples Retreat

Do you and your partner have trouble with intimacy? You're not alone. What's more—you can do something about it with intimacy therapy. Even better? You can do it in a gorgeous setting at an intimate couples retreat.


At vacation counseling, we provide intimacy therapy and more. You'll enjoy a Florida-style vacation in an intimate villa, boasting magnificent amenities. Not only that, but you'll also get to have time for plenty of sunbathing by the pool, kayaking, and golfing, too. You get to have a vacation and address your intimacy at the same time.


For example, our six-day package is 27 hours of confidential counseling, including a Gottman Relationship Checkup, Couples Temperament Assessment, Couples Therapy, Sex and Intimacy Therapy, and Individual Counseling.


In case you're curious—the Gottman Method Couples Therapy goals are to increase empathy, as well as build respect and trust in the relationship. It all leads to a stronger commitment, affection, and intimacy. Additionally, couples learn how to end conflicting verbal communication and manage conflict. Couples will work with Dr. April, a sex therapist, to help bring back the passion into the relationship. You'll also have an opportunity to talk with a counselor separately and work on any personal conflicts you feel in the relationship.


This intimate couples retreat comes with concierge services, and a team of experienced relationship therapists to work with you. It's not group therapy. In fact, you'll have a relationship therapist, a sex therapist, as well as individual therapists who work with you on your unique situation. The retreat is one couple at a time.


Intimacy may start off strong in a relationship; however, a variety of stressors may leave us feeling disconnected. During your intimate couples retreat, we'll explore your individual desire and fantasies, and help each of you meet the needs of your partner using a variety of personalized techniques. Don't worry—there's no nudity during the therapy session.


Your physical intimacy therapy provides plenty of private time to work on intimacy exercises while you're relaxing in one of our luxury villas.

Before you book your stay, you'll complete a thorough assessment to make sure we are a good fit for you. If you're ready to take the next step to increase the intimacy with your partner, then get in touch with Vacation Counseling today, and let's revitalize your relationship.

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