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Couples Therapy: Christian Counseling Marriage Retreat

There's nothing like a marriage retreat to get away from it all and spend time concentrating on each other. After all, a good marriage is all about the quality time you spend together. Our Christian counseling marriage retreat offers faith-based interventions to help you strengthen your bond as a couple. At vacation counseling, we provide a Florida-style marriage retreat in a luxury vacation villa with abundant amenities. You'll get to enjoy sunbathing, golfing, boating, and even painting while you also work on your relationship.


Our mental health professionals offer a wide variety of skills, and some of the most recognized methods for couples' therapy. From Temperament Therapy to the Gottman's Method Couples Therapy, and of course, our Christian faith-based therapies to strengthen your relationship with each other and with God.


Before you visit our marriage retreat, you will have a consultation and an assessment to make sure our Christian counseling marriage retreat is a good fit for you as a couple. Then we'll work together to determine which of our counselors' skill-set and approaches will work best for you. For example, Dr. Dave is a mental health and couples therapist with experience both in medicine and in faith. He helps people to make sense of the challenges they face in their marriage, with a combination of behavioral therapy and analytic techniques from the two great traditions of psychology.

Whether it's Dr. Dave or another of our highly skilled counselors, your Christian counseling marriage retreat is within reach. All you need to do to get started is get in touch, and we'll go from there. Are you ready to make those improvements in your relationship that you know will make life better? Then, let's get started. Get in touch today to schedule your couple's consultation and assessment.

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