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Why couples need vacations



Here are some reasons why taking a vacation together as a couple is so important:

1. A vacation gives married couples a chance to rediscover one another. Getting away from all of the daily hassles and spending time together in a different place can strip down barriers and help you to rediscover the foundations of what made you a couple at the start of your marriage.

2. In this fast-paced world, many couples have busy lives, and a “couple vacation” offers much-needed quality time together to re-prioritize the relationship.

3. A vacation increases the fun and friendship in the relationship and is a time to get away from conflicts and focus on enjoying one another’s company. Trying a new activity together can increase the fun. Perhaps try a new sport or explore a new place.

4. Unfortunately, life’s duties and daily routines leave many married couples too tired to enjoy sex at the end of the evening.

A vacation can rejuvenate your sex life.

5. A vacation can help promote emotional bonding and can deepen the marital connection, providing a break from the couple’s daily focus, which may be more superficial in order to get “the job done.” Hopefully, this bonding can follow the couple after the vacation and increase the support system in times of stress and add to the overall enjoyment of the marital relationship.

6. If you have children, a “couple vacation” can give your children an important message that your marriage matters and that you treat it with importance and respect in terms of time, money, commitment and focus. Kids often enjoy the time away from parents also, especially if they get to spend time with relatives they like.

One last word of advice, though: Leave your laptop and Facebook connections behind and only answer emergency calls from family. Don’t let your work colleagues follow you and your smart phone around and interfere with your connection to each other. Put your phone on silent and stay off the Internet, unless you are specifically using it to help you with vacation-related matters.

The couple vacation is an opportunity for building trust, intimacy and shared enjoyment.

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